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August 2020 Newsletter

JJ Shri Message

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, International Vaishnav Sangh organized a grand event of inviting all the Vaishnav around the world and celebrated Guru Purnima with P.P.108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji. Over 2500 vaishnav participated in live telecast and listened to JJ Shri vachnamrut. 

JJ Shri gave Ashirwad to all the vaishnav on the auspicious day and explained the true meaning of Guru. Originally known as Vyas Purnima, Guru is the one who guides his followers in a righteous way towards Thakorji and helps bring Vaikunth (Vraj) to Bhakta. Being a Guru is a big responsibility and is something true Guru thoroughly enjoys tirelessly. Aapshri gave an example of mother nurturing a child and even after doing all chores in and out of house never gets tired to take care of children and that’s the same way Guru never gets tired to guide his Bhaktas in the right direction. To watch whole program please click on the link below


Shravan Vad Ashtami (Vraj – Bhadra Pad Krishna Ashtami) is Celebrated as “Shri Krishna Jayanti”, Maha Mahotsav of appearance of Purn Purushottam Thakorji, incarnated as the 8th Avatar in Dwapar Yug of “Sarswat Kalp”. Since Thakorji is born on this day hence it is also known as Thakorji’s “Prakatyotsav”. This Maha Mahotsav is also known as, “Gokul-Ashtami”. 

This Maha Mahotsav is celebrated because on this day, the “Pragatya” of Thakorji as “Nih-Sadhan Falatmak swaroop” occured. “Nih-Sadhanata” is a matter of Bhav, which is shown by Gopi / Vraj Bhakts. 

There are four types of Badhai of Janmashtami. These are: 

1. Badhai of Jhanj = This starts one month before Janmashtami. Jhanj are played, which is the Bhav of Yamunaji 

2. Badhai of Naubat = This starts 12 days before Janmashtami. From this day, Naubat is played, which is the Bhav of Chandravaliji 

3. Badhai of Geetanvaari = This starts 8 days before Janmashtami, which is the Bhav of Nand Kumarikajis 

4. Badhai of Maadal = This starts 8 days before Janmashtami, which is the Bhav of Shri Swaminiji 

Thus, Badhai of Janmashtami starts approximately 1 month before this Maha Mahotsav. The Bhav is being 15 days of Yashodaji and 15 days of Rohiniji. Another Bhav is shown as the 15 days of Mahaprabhuji and 15 days of Gusaiji. These four types of Badhai are sung and Seva Prakar is observed with the Bhav of four Yuth-Adhipatis 

In the morning of this day, after offering “Mangal Bhog” to Thakorji, the “Abhyang”, “Panch-Amrut” snan is done to Thakorji. Vasudevji did first time Darshan of Thakorji as Four armed Purn Purushottam swaroop and thus, Vasudevji did the poojan of this swaroop. With this Bhav, on this day “Panch-Amrut” snan is done. 

In “Shringar” Darshan, Thakorji is offered Tilak and “Janma Patrika” is read before Thakorji. Tilak is offered with the Bhav that when Thakorji had promised to emerge on Bhutal from “Nitya-Lila Dham”, at that time Adi Gopijan applied “Vijay Tilak” on behalf of Swaminiji right before Thakorji had left “Nitya-Lila”. 

After the Shayan Aarti in the evening, Janmashtami Badhai Kirtan are sung up to 11:30 pm, which is termed as “Jagran”. After that, the 8 and half shlokas of Krishna Janma from Shrimad Bhagwat are recited, three times. After this, with the Ghant Naad, Nagada, Maadal, Jhanj, Pakhavaj, and “Shankh Naad”; kirtans are played during the time of Krishna Janma at about 12:00 in the midnight. After this, Panch-Amrut snan is done to Shaligram ji or, Shri Bal-krishnaji swaroop. 

From this day, in Thakorji’s seva, clay pots / kunja, etc.… are replaced with silver pots / Kunja; till Dussehra Utsav. Next morning is celebrated as “Nand Mahotsav”, with a Bhav of Nand Baba who gave “Daan” of all belongings in the extreme excitement of Thakorji’s “Pragatya” to Vraj Jan’s / Vraj Bhakts. 

“Varshottar” Seva Kram in Pushti-Marg starts from this day. After Thakorji’s Pragatya, with Nitya Seva-kram, our Bhav grows each day by our “Din” and “Nih-Sadhan” Bhav


With the blessings Of Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarkeshlalji Vaishnav Sangh of USA – Bal Pushti started with JJ Shri Ashirwad Vachan for Kids, Parents and Teachers on Aug.1st 2020. Baal Pushti class has over 45 kids enrolled. 

Parents, Kids and Teachers were excited for the classes and lot of credits for the success goes to Parents and Teachers as they together making sure Kids are participating. 

First class was introduction to manglacharan, 4 Swaroop in Pushtimarg, different coloring activity and basic yoga on bhajan music. All kids enjoyed the first two sessions and are looking forward for next class. All classes are held on every Saturday from 11:30 to 12:30pm Eastern Time. 

For more information please contact: 

Amit Shah @ 703.200.2945 or Isha Choksi @ 703.577.7430

Home Remedy for Better Health 

Back Pain (Sandhiva) 

1. Take ajmo (Ajwain) and jaggery in the equal amount in the morning and evening for back pain. 

2. Ginger powder is mixed with hot water relives back pain. 

3. Boil five dates (Khajur) and add half a pound of fenugreek and drink it to relive back pain. 

4. Adding a pinch of salt to ginger juice and massaging it relieves the pain of back pain and stiff neck. 

5. Rubbing clove oil relieves arthritis pain. 

6. Adding a teaspoon of castor oil in boiled ginger water relieves the pain of arthritis.


Topic; Vraj Bhasha Shibir 

Date: Sunday August 9th, 2020 

Time: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm EST (US & CANADA Time) 

Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 84643674919, Password: 976325 

Phone No: (301) 715-8592 

Topic; Sodas Granth Parichay 

Date: Sunday August 30th, 2020 

Time: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm EST (US & CANADA Time) 

Zoom link: 

Meeting ID: 85863331481, Password: 26 

Phone No: (301) 715-8592

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