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VISION of Inspirer P.P. 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji (Kadi-Ahmedabad Mahodayshri:

Vaishnav Sangh of USA is founded with the only vision of VAISHNAV UNITY in USA, by P.P.108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshri, 17th descendant of Shri Vallabhacharyaji with in depth knowledge of Pushtimarg, Veda, Upanishads and Jyotish Shastra. P.P JJ Shri has successfully established “International Vaishnav Sangh” to unite Vaishnav’s all around the world and now initiated Vaishnav Sangh of USA for Vaishnav Unity in USA who are scattered throughout USA and in need of Guidance, Nurturing and Education of Suddha Pushtimarg Knowledge. Aapshri is the only Acharya with Haveli in 5 continents like Australia, India, Nairobi, UK and USA. 

P.P. Shri Dwarkeshlalji strongly believes that all the Vaishnav on earth are the Gopis separated from Thakorji during Raas Leela and Swaminiji came on earth in attempt to bring all Gopis (Vaishnav) back to Thakorji as Shri Mahaprabhuji. Vaishnav Sangh of USA is that Kadi (Link) inspired by P.P. JJ Shri to bring all Vaishnav(Gopis) together closer to Thakorji as one Malaji (garland). 

P.P. JJ Shri visualizes Pushtimarg as P.U.L.S.E for Young to Flourish, Adults to Nurture and Elders to Pass on the Knowledge of Pushtimargiya pranalika. 






P.P. JJ Shri with Pushtimargiya P.U.L.S.E has a vision to guide and UNITE VAISHNAV throughout USA and pass on the Rich heritage and principles Pushtimarg to the next generation. 

To accomplish the VAISHNAV UNITY goal, P.P. JJ Shri has vision of establishing a Pushtimargiya Education and Shibir Center, where Vaishnav from all corners of USA come together under one roof for a period of time and gets a grassroot level education and understanding of basic principle of Pushtimarg i.e. Ras, Bhog and Shringar as a part of nitya seva for Thakorji under JJ Shri guidance and leadership. 

P.P. JJ Shri has a broad vision of unifying Vaishnava’s by establishing a Vaishnav Sangh of USA Education Center in every state and provide right guidance and material to be a successful Pushtimargiya center and in process UNITE VAISHNAV. To establish center in your state please contact Amit Shah (703) 200-2945. 

On this single vision mission of VAISHNAV UNITY in USA, P.P. 108 Shri Dwarkeshlalji held First Virtual Satsang on April 26, 2020 which happened to be on Akshaya Tritiya about Importance of Mantra in Pushtimarg, and P.P. JJ Shri very eloquently explained the meaning Akshaya as Immortal and how Vaishnavism is immortal with the teaching of Shri Mahaprabhuji and as our first Satsang started on this auspicious day will also be immortal and sure to UNITE VAISHNAV

Upcoming Satsang

 Topic: Seva Shringar Shibir 

Date: 06/14/2020, Time: 12:30-2pm EST 

(US & Canada Time) 


Meeting ID: 3475501532, Password: 17 

Dial by Phone: (301) 715-8592 

Vaishnav Sangh of USA will also stay here forever providing the Authentic and Sudha (pure) Pushtimargiya knowledge and Guidance from Vallabhkul to lead Sudha (pure) Pushtimargiya life as a vaishnav. 

P.P. JJ Shri explained about different kinds of Diksha such as 

  • • Mantra Diksha 
  • • Updesh Diksha 
  • • Sparsh Diksha 
  • • Dhyan Diksha 

P.P. JJ Shri explained the meaning of Mantra which protects Mann 

  • • Gayatri Mantra (During Janoi Sharan) 
  • • Naam Nivedan : Ashtakshar Mantra 
  • • Gadya Mantra : Brahmasambandh Mantra 
  • • Gopal Mantra 

For Pushtimargiya Sampradaya: 

Ashtakshar Mantra: Shree Krushnah Sharanam Mama and Brahmasambandh Mantra are a must to know. 

The First Satsang by P.P. JJ Shri was extremely successful and over 300 people participated and benefited by Aapshri Vachanamrut. 

Second Satsang was held on May 10th, 2020 on Seva Shringar Shibir and P.P. JJ Shri explained the importance of Thakorji Shringar and understanding different practical way of Shringar. To help demonstrate the practical way of Shringar, Mayurbhai from Nairobi held a live Shibir on, 

  • • Gadi na Prakar 
  • • Chitraji Swaroop and vividh vastra prakar 
  • • Lalan prabhu na Vastra Prakar 
  • • Introduction to “what is Jodi” 
  • • Shreemastak Shringar Pagh 

Vaishnav Mayurbhai answered the question raised by participant and gave them the proper guidance. 

Goal and Vision is Broad but so is P.P. JJ Shri faith and confidence in VAISHNAV UNITY to fulfill the dream and bring the Pushtimarg Sampradaya in forefront in USA. In the conclusion would like to present a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, 

“The Future Belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of Dreams” 

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