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September 2020 Newsletter

JJ Shri Message

On the auspicious day of Janmashtami, JJ shri gave Ashirwad to all the vaishnav around the world and explained the importance of Janmashtami and Krishna Katha. “All the characters we see in Krishna Katha are not just characters of a Leela but are the negative characteristics that we find in ourselves. Putana for example represents Avidya, the lack of knowledge, and by killing Putana, Shri Krishna removes Avidya from the Vrajvasis’ lives. We must be careful to identify these characteristics, and these asuras that might be in our minds and our lives, the negative qualities that keep us away from Shri Krishna. By performing our Seva, we ensure that Shri Thakorji is always in our lives, looking out for us, destroying any of these bad characteristics that might hinder us in our Seva and in our relationship with Him.”

Purshottam Maas 

PURUSHOTTAM MAAS This month is known either as; “ADHIK MAAS” or, “PURUSHOTTAM MAAS” or, “MAL MAAS”. This year, Purushottam Maas is from Sept 18 – Oct 16, 2020 which is “ADHIK Ashwin Maas”. The origin of Adhik Maas has no direct relevance with Pushti-Marg as it has Astronomical and Puran based Maryada Margiya significance. Astronomically, English calendar which is based on a Solar calendar while Hindu calendar is based on a Lunar calendar. Solar calendar has 365 days in a year however in Lunar calendar, one year has 354 days. Thus, there is an approximately difference of 11 days in one year.

Thus, every third year or approximately after every thirty months the total comes to 30 days thus forming one extra month which is called Adhik Maas Since Surya (Sun) does not enter Sanskriti in this month (No Sankantri), no auspicious events take place in this month. Therefore, it is also called Mal Maas As Varta Sahitya in Puran goes, Mal Maas approached Lord Vishnu and complained that all months have been accepted by other Devta and Devi but for, Mal Maas; there is no one and thus no auspicious events are celebrated in this month. Lord Vishnu took him to Golok Dham and placed his request to Thakorji. 

Purn Purshottam Thakorji, upon hearing Mal Maas’s pleas, accepted Mal Maas as HIS own and gave this month HIS own name. Thus, this Maas is also called Purushottam Maas Purushottam Maas comes between the Hindu months of Chaitra and Ashwin only. No Adhik Maas falls during Magshar to Magh. Purushottam Maas in Pushti Marg is known as “The Maas of Manoraths”. As per Pushti Marg Pranalika, various utsavs and festivals are celebrated as the days and months go by in a year (Varshottar Utsavs). In this one month, all the year-round festivals are celebrated daily with full enthusiasm, giving the vaishnavs a chance to perform Adhik seva for the comforts and happiness of Thakorji. However, when doing Manorath, we must follow seva kram of Manorath Vallabh and Gusaiji established Pushtimargiya seva parampara or, the seva Pranalika for the benefit of Pushti Jeevs. Most of the Manoraths are done keeping in mind that Thakorji has given maximum pleasures to Vraj-jan performing innumerable Leelas, which are now consolidated in Manorath. Therefore, all such Manorath must be spontaneous and natural to Pushti jeev.


With the blessings Of Vaishnavacharya Shri Dwarkeshlalji Vaishnav Sangh of USA – Bal Pushti classes have been successful and completed first month. All the kids, parents and teachers are enjoying the classes and children already reciting first two lines of Manglacharan and also knows the four Swaroop of Pushtimarg and lot of credits for the success goes to Parents and Teachers as they together making sure Kids are participating. All kids enjoyed the first month of classes and are always looking forward to learning more. All classes are held on every Saturday from 11:30 to 12:30pm Eastern Time.

For more information please contact: 

Amit Shah @ 703.200.2945 or Isha Choksi @ 703.577.7430

Pushti Samwad Part 2:July 26th, 2020 

The second part of question and answer session with vaishnavachary Shri Dwarkeshlalji Mahodayshri was held on July 26th. JJ Shri answered many questions about seva and Pushtimarg and clearly eliminated many doubts and misconcepts of Pushtimarg sampradaya and pass on the Sudha Pushtimarg knowledge. JJ shri answered over 30 questions related to seva and Pushtimarg sampradaya. Aapshri answered on variety of questions from importance of seva in nitya kram and in haveli and how to improve one-self by constantly chanting Ashtakshar mantra and have thakorji in the center for all the daily activity we perform. The Satsang was very well attended by over 500 vaishnav and can be accessed on website and sign in to access the video of the Satsang.

Vraj Bhasha Shibir: August 9th, 2020 

First time in Pushtimarg history, Vraj Bhasha Shibir was conducted online in USA with JJ Shri ashirwad by Pankajbhai from Texas. JJ shri mentioned how thakorji communicated with Vrajbhakta in Vraj Bhasha and as a vaishnav by learning Vraj bhasha will be bring us closer to thakorji and understanding of seva bhav.

Pankajbhai started the shibir by informing the history and significance of Vraj bhasha for pushtimargiya vaishnav and in daily seva kram and kirtan and its evolution. Shibir was very well attended and all vaishnav were happy to learn the basic of Vraj Bhasa. Vraj Bhasha shibir will continue in the upcoming months.

Home Remedy for Better Health 

Ear Pain Relief 

1. Garlic sprouts in warm oil are applied to the ear after the oil has cooled down for ear pain and ear vaccine.

2. Slightly heating the ginger juice and putting few drops in the ear releives ear pain and infection.

3. Instilling few drops of honey in the ear relieves ear pain.

4. Instilling few white onion juice drops twice a day in the ear lessens hearing loss.

5. Slightly warming the the root leaf juice and putting few drops in the ear relieves ear pain and tingling.

*Disclaimer: None of the home remedies listed here has been approved by FDA and the above home remedies for information only and should be tried with caution at own risk.


Topic: Seva Shringar Shibir-Part 4

Date: Sunday September 13th, 2020

Time: 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm EST (US & CANADA Time)

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Topic: Shrimad Bhagwat Satsang Mahotsav

Date: 23rd September to 29th September 2020

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